6 Questions to Answer Before Starting a Home Daycare Business

6 Questions to Answer Before Starting a Home Daycare Business

Starting a home daycare business is an exciting and life-changing experience. Starting a home daycare business is also a huge responsibility, and I’m here to help you determine, “Is this type of business really for you?” To determine if this business is for you, answer the questions below, and if you answer yes to all the questions, congratulations, you are ready to begin your new journey!

Is this type of business really for you?

Do you love working with children?

Children are at a stage when they need your patience the most. It is normal for children to make mistakes consistently at their age because they are still learning, growing, and developing. As a provider, it is your responsibility to help them along the way. There will be times you will have to teach them the same thing over and over again.

Do you have good communication and people skills?

You must work with and get along with the parents of the children you care for. There will be times when you have problems with parents like picking up late, not following your policies, telling you how to run your childcare business, etc. No matter what situation you come across, always remain professional. Most providers terminate a child because of the parent(s)/guardian(s), NOT the child.

Are you OK with sharing your home with others?

Let’s face it, your home will no longer be just your home. You will have multiple pop-up visits from the state and food program representatives. In addition, different family members of the child will come to your home too. It would help if you determined how sharing your home with others would affect your family.

Why are you starting a home daycare business?

You don’t want to start a home daycare business for the wrong reasons because you will not stay open for too long. Many people get into this business not knowing or understanding how much commitment is required after you become licensed. After you become licensed, you will have to follow many rules required by your state, plus manage the everyday task of running and growing a business. What is your reasoning for wanting to start a home daycare business?

Are you OK with making $2.92 an hour?

Most home daycare providers make under 3 dollars an hour. For example, most daycare’s open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (12 hours). Let’s say you care for an infant from Monday to Friday for $175 a week. If you work five days a week and 12 hours a day equals 60 hours a week. Now divide 60 hours by $175 (175/60) = 2.92 an hour, but don’t let that discourage you because many other opportunities to grow your business will open for you.

Final Thought

If you answered yes to all the questions above, then let’s start with what steps to take to start a home daycare from home successfully. Starting a home daycare business is not for everyone, so make sure if you get into this business, it’s for the long haul. Do you have more questions? I have a private Facebook group so that you can ask me anything. Make sure you follow me on Instagram or/and Facebook. I hope this helps, and remember, the greatest feeling to know is assisting others to seed and grow!

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