About Charlie

Hi, I’m Charlie Nicole, the founder of Early Care Evolution and a mother of 3. Early Care Evolution is an accredited organization that provides virtual training courses to early childhood professionals to meet pre-service or annual training requirements. Early Care Evolution was founded in 2018; around the same time, I became a trainer and I absolutely love what I do!

In addition to being a trainer, I was a home daycare provider. I first became a home daycare provider in 2006, but when covid-19 hit, I closed my doors permanently. Around this time, many childcare programs closed, and as a result, Early Care Evolution enrollment decreased. I knew I had to pivot, so I decided to convert my digital product to a physical product, also known as Forever Organized Daycare Planner, and it was a success.

I decided to build a community to empower childcare providers with resources to build a solid foundation to position their childcare program to thrive in any market. If you would like to connect with me, join me on your favorite social media platform.

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