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Check out this Monthly Planner and Calendar specifically for home daycare providers. It’s a must have for all daycare providers. The benefits can be found below!

Forever Organized presents an all-in-one record keeping system designed to keep child care providers organized and save time during tax season by having all your business-related records organized in one convenient place.

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Here's what you can expect.....

Attendance Sheets

ATTENDANCE SHEETS with 2 signature column so parent(s)/guardian(s) can sign when dropping a child off or picking them up. The in and out columns are wide enough to write complete time!

Budget and Grow

BUDGET AND GROW by keeping track of income and expenses to prepare financial statements and tax returns.

Spacious Calendar

SPACIOUS CALENDAR to keep track of your daily schedule and hours worked per week with plenty of space to detail important dates such as vacations days, children birthdays, doctor appointments, etc.

Inner Pocket

INNER POCKET to store and keep track of receipts, documents, etc. This will allow you to store the require records for any audits that might be done by the IRS.

Maintain Records

MAINTAIN ACCURATE RECORDS and stay in compliance with requirements of the food program the meal section allows you to keep track of each meal being served to each child and reimbursement amounts. In the menu section you are able to write out and plan meals ahead of time. Meals include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for 365 days.

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